let all the birds nest in my hair

Elizabeth Taylor & Eddie Fisher at The Oscars 1961

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Philippe Halsman 1952
Elaine Stritch

Marlon Brando & Jean Simmons practicing on the set of Guys and Dolls (1955).

Dusty Springfield and Martha & The Vandellas performing ‘Wishin’ and Hopin’” on Ready, Steady, Go!, March 1965.
Barbra Streisand and Stephen Sondheim

Untitled on We Heart It.

Never before, and not since, have I seen a performer so connected to the audience that even the person in the worst seat on the highest level was indoctrinated into another world. Midler was filthy, bawdy, outrageous, hysterical, shocking, raunchy, sweet, and so touching I wanted to rush the stage so I could rip out her emotions and let them heal my own.
 She called herself The Divine Miss M, she told Sophia Tucker jokes that would make a drunken sailor head to church, and she sang her slow songs like an open wound, a room without walls or privacy or an escape hatch. When I read the next day that, post-show, she headed, not to a private, star-studded event, but to the local Denny’s, she’s sealed the deal. Midler was everything we were, rolled up in a five-feet-plus Jewish chick from Hawaii with big tits and a high-heeled walk that soared like the Concorde. She still is. [x]

Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire (1951).
Stephen Sondheim

Liza Minnelli and Lorna Luft at Lorna’s 25th birthday party, 1977.

Marlon Brando with his Oscar for On the Waterfront, 1955.